We offer numerous dog grooming services and treatments in Paisley, but we are usually guided by the dog and their owner. The breed of dog and the time since their last groom will dictate the type of treatment that we provide.  Our preferred approach is to create a treatment that is customised around your dog's specific needs.
A few of our more popular treatments are shown below:Dog Groomers Paisley


Full Groom

This is our most popular treatment and includes double wash using specialist dog shampoo, once to remove surface dirt and then again for deep cleansing, ears plucked and washed out with ear cleaner to help prevent ear infections, nails are clipped, thorough rinse then hand dried and a full hair clipping to a style of your choice or in line with the standard for their breed and then optional scent can be used if required

Wash and trim

A great value treatment that will leave your dog, clean and healthy. We carry out the same shampooing service as in the Full groom but only trim the hair around sensitive areas such and the feet and face.

Hand-strip Full Groom

We use a hand stripping technique, which is particular popular for terriers.  It takes a little longer but the results are worth it.

Hand Scissored Full Groom

This can provide a more natural look.



We offer a service to de-matt dogs coats that are not beyond saving. This may take a bit more time and a full groom is usually recomended to follow.

Flea Treatment

If your pet has fleas we can bath them in flea shampoo and remove any ticks they have.

 Walk-in services

We offer some services which dont need appointments these are, face,feet and bum trim without a bath, ear plucking only and nail clipping only. We also offer a nail clipping service for cats, rabbits and other small animals.