Benefits of Grooming

All dogs need grooming. 

Few new dog owners understand the grooming needs of a dog and the benefits to both the dog and the owner of regular dog grooming in Paisley.  Dogs are pack animals and in the wild they would groom each other regularly, to help maintain the health of their coat.  Domestic dogs although no longer in a pack environment still need to be groomed on a regular basis.

There are big benefits to grooming your dog, but to do it properly takes time, practice, and can be very messy. As a result many owners prefer to have their dogs professionally groomed.

Different breeds have different needs.

The type of grooming required and the frequency of grooming varies depending on the breedDog Groomers Paisley of your dog.  Long haired dogs need the most grooming, particularly as the seasons change.   But even short haired breeds have regular grooming requirements.  If you have any questions about the frequency that your dog needs grooming, please contact us and we'd be happy to have a chat with you about the needs of your dog's breed.




When thinking about grooming most people only consider the cosmetic benefits.  Sure enough, your dog will look trim and healthier and any bad odours and bad breath are usually lessened.  Even the dogs themselves act and feel differently.

But the biggest benefits are those to the health of your dog.  Regular grooming prevents hair matting which can cause discomfort, wounds and hotspots.  Grooming can also prevent itchy skin and excess shedding. Dogs with irritated skin tend to scratch themselves more. This scratching can lead to further skin damage and begin a cycle that is difficult to break.

We regularly spot the early signs of problems that may turn into something more serious if left untreated such as sores, lumps, mites or rashes and ticks.
Problems that if left undetected can result in costly vet visits!